Salt Bar Breck Soap

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Our organic salt scrub soap is a gentle way to cleanse and exfoliate while detoxifying and soothing skin with Dead Sea salt, which is known for it's high mineral content. Salt soap is a great way to exfoliate because salt will dissolve as it exfoliates, creating a more gentle scrub than other exfoliants. We've used lavender & sage essential oils to create a truly relaxing blend that sure to soothe your senses. Great for exfoliation!

Each bar weighs between 4-5 ounces and was made using the cold process method. Each loaf of soap is cut into bars are resting in a mold for 48 hours. Soaps then cure for 4-6 weeks while water evaporates, making for a hard, long-lasting bar of soap.

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, organic Shea & cocoa butters; organic castor oil, organic cocoa butter, lavender & sage essential oils.